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What Patients Should Look For When Choosing the Best Cataract Surgeon in Long Island

Are you looking for the best cataract surgeon in Long Island? Finding the best cataract surgeon for you doesn’t have to be difficult.  To help make your decision, it’s best to consider a variety of factors. Keep reading to learn what patients should look for when choosing the best cataract surgeon in Long Island! They […]

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5 Ways to Combat Dry Eyes This Fall

Do your eyes ever sting, burn, or feel scratchy? These are just some of the ways that dry eyes can affect you.  Dry eye syndrome is a common eye condition affecting millions of Americans daily. There are some simple actions you can take, however, to help your eyes maintain adequate moisture.  Now that the summer […]

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The Best Dry Eye Treatments

If you experience burning, stinging, or itching in your eyes on a daily basis, you might be suffering from dry eye. The best way to determine what treatment is best for you is to visit your eye doctor.  They can help find the root cause of your symptoms and make a plan to treat them. […]

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Do You Have Cataracts? Here Are Your Treatment Options

Cataracts are clumps of protein that build up inside the natural lens in your eye. Eventually, they cause your lens to get cloudy enough that light can no longer pass through it. By blocking this light from entering your eye, they cause loss of vision. Cataracts are an unavoidable part of life, but their solution […]

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How Does LASIK Work?

LASIK vision correction is the leading refractive error correction procedure in the world. It can correct lifelong vision problems. The conditions it treats are astigmatism, nearsightedness, and farsightedness. If you have any of these, LASIK can get rid of them forever, giving you excellent vision free of glasses or contacts. Keep reading to learn more […]

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5 Ways To Treat Dry Eyes in the Fall

The changing of the seasons brings changes in the environment. Some of these shifts are nice. Cooler nights make for easier sleeping. If you like snow, it’s on the way! Other changes may not be so welcome. Cooler, drier air and different allergens can cause dry eyes during the fall. Keep reading to learn more […]

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What Can I Expect During Eyelid Reconstruction Surgery?

Your eyelids and the area surrounding your eyes get affected by aging more than most other spots on your body. It’s a sensitive area, and it’s noticeable when it changes. The effects of aging, stress and lack of sleep affect this area particularly. These natural changes can even interfere with your eyesight. If sagging and […]

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Could The Trifocal Lens Be Right For You?

Are cataracts beginning to affect your everyday life? Once they start to interfere with tasks like driving, reading, or watching tv, it’s time to consider cataract surgery. Getting cataract surgery could be one of the most important decisions you make. It can give you your eyesight back, and in some cases, give you the best […]

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4 Reasons To Get LASIK This Summer

Who wouldn’t want visual freedom in the summertime? Swimming, hiking, and enjoying the scenery are all easier without glasses and contacts. Getting LASIK is the perfect way to cruise through summer with excellent vision and freedom from glasses! Keep reading to see how LASIK can improve your summer fun. No More Choosing Between Sunglasses or […]

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Does Glaucoma Have Any Warning Signs?

Do you assume that you know when something is wrong with your health? Most people at least feel confident that they know when they need to see a doctor. If you have glaucoma, however, by the time you notice something is wrong, it is already too late. Glaucoma is also known as “the silent thief […]

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