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Facial Plastic Surgery

Eyelid Surgery - Cosmetic and Medically Required.

Dr. Rosenthal, located in New York, performs several eyelid procedures, including:

Upper Blepharoplasty - Removal of excess skin in the upper eyelids. Excess skin can sometimes interfere with peripheral vision.  

Lower Blepharoplasty - Removal of excess fat or “bags” in the lower lids.  Lower eyelid bagging rarely interferes with vision, but surgery can be performed to combat a tired, aging appearance.

Eyelid Reconstruction- Repair of droopy upper lids (ptosis), in-turning or out-turning eyelids (entropion/ectropion), improving eyelid closure, reconstruction after skin cancer removal or trauma

Dacryocystorhinostomy- Surgically forming a tear sac-nasal conduit to relieve a nasolacrimal/tear duct obstruction

Orbital Surgery – Surgical biopsy and management of tumors of the eye socket, repair of socket trauma