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5 stars 5
Ive always had a good experience at this office. Staff is helpful. Most times visits are punctual. Dr. Rosenthal is great. Most importantly, I got my eyesight back. No complaints.

5 stars 5
Thank you.

5 stars 5
Doctor Rosenthal detected an issue that needed to be addressed immediately. Something where you have no symptoms but could possibly cause list of vision. I was able to address on eye the next day and in a few more will take care of the second. Very helpful assistant who was concerned with my nerves and help me understand the procedure. Felt very secure that all would be fine . Highly recommend .

5 stars 5
I recently have suffered an eye injury and I was doing research for a great eye doctor and surgeon and discovered Dr.Rosenthal and just recently had my first visit and I know and feel like I am with an exceptionally knowledgeable and talented eye doctor- his office staff is amazing from Rita at the front desk all the way to the doctor. I let you all know how my surgery goes

5 stars 5
My interactions with receptionists, staff, and MDs are invariably caring and effective. Whatever the problem I come into the office with when I leave l know that it has been solved or is on the way to solution. It is a very good feeling about something so vital as ones eyes.

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