Should I Consider Eyelid Surgery?

There’s more than one reason to consider eyelid surgery. You may have large bags under your eyes. These can make you feel self-conscious. You could have droopy upper eyelids that can sag so low they interfere with your vision. Some people even need to have complete eyelid reconstruction after physical trauma has occurred. Whatever your […]

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Are Cataracts Preventable?

Do you have cataracts? You may have wondered if you could have prevented having them. In this case, there’s nothing you could have done. Cataracts are simply part of the natural aging process. If you’re worried about cataracts and how to deal with them, you shouldn’t be. Cataracts are natural and nothing to worry about. […]

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How Do I Know If I’m Ready For LASIK?

Everyone wants better vision. Being able to see clearly is a simple luxury that most want to achieve without using glasses or contacts. But getting started can be difficult. Not everyone can get LASIK, and figuring out whether the procedure is right for you requires having a LASIK consultation. Keep reading to learn more about […]

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