Are The Holidays Better After Cataract Surgery?

When you have a cataract, the holidays aren’t as enjoyable as they could be. Whether you are getting together with family or shopping for gifts, a cataract can stand between you and the enjoyable experience you deserve.  If a cataract is clouding your vision, it may be time to consider surgery. Keep reading to find […]

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What Patients Should Look For When Choosing the Best Cataract Surgeon in Long Island

Are you looking for the best cataract surgeon in Long Island? Finding the best cataract surgeon for you doesn’t have to be difficult.  To help make your decision, it’s best to consider a variety of factors. Keep reading to learn what patients should look for when choosing the best cataract surgeon in Long Island! They […]

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5 Ways to Combat Dry Eyes This Fall

Do your eyes ever sting, burn, or feel scratchy? These are just some of the ways that dry eyes can affect you.  Dry eye syndrome is a common eye condition affecting millions of Americans daily. There are some simple actions you can take, however, to help your eyes maintain adequate moisture.  Now that the summer […]

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What are the Symptoms of Cataracts?

How do you know if you have a cataract? Since they develop slowly, you may not notice any symptoms at first.  As a cataract progresses, however, you can experience a range of symptoms. A cataract is a clouding of your eye’s lens.  Cataracts are most common in people over the age of forty. At that […]

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Do You Need Blepharoplasty?

Do you have drooping skin on your upper eyelid area? Or, do you have bags under your eyes that won’t go away no matter how much sleep you get?  If you have excess skin around your eyes, blepharoplasty may be the answer for you. Blepharoplasty is a common procedure that removes excess skin, fat, and […]

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Does Glaucoma Have Symptoms?

One of the leading causes of vision loss is glaucoma. The effects can be devastating and permanent since many people may have glaucoma without even noticing it. Being informed about the nature of this condition and visiting your eye doctor regularly can help save your vision. Keep reading to find out if glaucoma has any […]

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LASIK Saves You Money, Here’s How

Did you know that LASIK is actually more affordable than a lifetime of eyewear? While they want to see the world without glasses or contacts, many people hold off due to what they believe is an increased cost. However, it turns out that laser eye surgery is not only an excellent decision for your eyes […]

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Should You Get a Multifocal IOL?

If you have cataracts, you’re not alone. Cataracts are so common that more than half of Americans have had one by the age of eighty.  The only effective treatment for cataracts is cataract surgery. However, many people are not aware that they can come out of surgery seeing better than ever before. Opting for a […]

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The Best Dry Eye Treatments

If you experience burning, stinging, or itching in your eyes on a daily basis, you might be suffering from dry eye. The best way to determine what treatment is best for you is to visit your eye doctor.  They can help find the root cause of your symptoms and make a plan to treat them. […]

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When is the Right Time to Get LASIK?

Have you considered LASIK but aren’t sure if the time is right? Laser surgery is a big decision, and you want to make sure you’re choosing the opportune moment.  Several factors can help determine whether you should look into getting LASIK now or hold off until the timing is better. Keep reading to find out […]

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