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Raindrop® Reading Vision Correction Exclusive

Are You Curious About  Reading Vision Correction?

For A Limited Time Only, Dr. Rosenthal is Offering Raindrop® at 30% LESS Than Standard Pricing. 

The Raindrop® Inlay boosts visual acuity in adults with presbyopia - the eye condition that everyone gets that makes it difficult to read, text, craft, etc. without the aid of reading glasses as we age.

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The Raindrop® Corneal Inlay:

A novel and outstanding option for the treatment of near vision difficulty is the Raindrop® Inlay. Inserting the Raindrop® takes less than 10 minutes to perform, and is most commonly inserted into your non-dominant eye. Raindrop® is made of a soft, hydrogel material, and composed of 80% water, making it a very natural inlay to put in the eye. Raindrop® is similar to a tiny soft contact lens, and is placed under a LASIK-like flap This allows it to reshape the cornea, providing you with improved vision that can make it much easier to see close (such as for reading) without the need for glasses.. Recovery is short, meaning most people can get back to their usual daily activities after surgery. After Raindrop®, many patients notice an improvement in their vision almost immediately, though it does vary from person to person.

To find out if you are a good candidate for Raindrop®, please schedule a free-of-charge appointment at Rosenthal Eye Surgery’s Great Neck or New York City (New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mt. Sinai) locations.

Vision correction is now a reality for people that have presbyopia, but they may not be right for everyone. At your evaluation, Dr. Rosenthal will be able to determine what treatment options may be the right fit for you.  He is very meticulous in determining that your eye is healthy enough to undergo a treatment to improve your close vision.

Dr. Rosenthal is an exceptional eye surgeon you can trust. NOW is the time to see if you're a candidate for the Raindrop® Corneal Inlay.

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