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"Dr Rosenthal's approach is a unique one: a balance between the absolutely most advanced and skilled technology with a kind, patient and disciplined approach to each patient as a unique individual. "
April 8, 2016
by Sandra P.

"Dr. Rosenthal gave me a full exam and he explained everything to me regarding my eyes. After i explain to him what I eas experience in gave me a diagnosis and what to do. I would highly recommend him. His office personal were excellence as well. A doctor and staff that says to you once they have completed your exams , pls call back if you have any questions. I would keep n tell others about."
March 11, 2016
by Elaine B.

"the staff is very professional. Jake and Naomi took out the time to explain everything and had a lot of patience. Dr. Rosenthal is patient, warm and very friendly. he made the procedure very comfortable and the atmosphere very calm. he was thorough and made attention to every detail. Gave me the results and explained the outcome and what it would me to me."
January 11, 2013
by Beverly D.

"I will recommend this doctor. Staff was welcoming. I waited for about 10 minutes, then I saw the doctor. He did a thorough check up and I was out of his office in less than an hour. For people with an hour lunch break and just don't have time to waste, it's the perfect place. "
More than a year ago
by a Verified Patient

"Very thorough and professional."
July 5, 2011
by a Verified Patient

"I don't like going to the eye doctor and had not been in 10 years. Dr. Rosenthal was very gentle and thorough. He spent time with me and I did not feel rushed like I do in so many other doctor's offices. He was very knowledgeable and so nice."
More than a year ago
by a Verified Patient

"He was state of the art and I appreciate that in a physician. Showed in interest in his field."
November 30, 2010
by Matthew P.

"A plesure to meet Dr Rosenthal, very knowlegeable and explained in detail the exams and testing. "
July 21, 2010
by Linda H.

"I have seen Dr. Rosenthal very often over the past year and I have every confidence in his ability. He gives you very personalized attention. You are always able to contact him if you have any questions or problems. I would recommend him Very Highly."
June 25, 2010
by a Verified Patient

"My husband and I have always received the highest quality care from Dr. Rosenthal and his staff. From simple contact lens matters to vision-sparing surgery, we like many of his other patients are completely confident that all our vision needs are being met. We have recommended Dr. Rosenthal to family members and friends - and the feedback has been excellent."

"Dr. Rosenthal is an extraordinarily knowledgeable physician, he has been my mother's eye doctor for the past 6 years. His staff always treats my mother kindly and respectfully. Thanks again for taking care my mother!!!"
Mar 8th, 2016
by Eli

"Made an"emergency appointment", which was accommodated very easily. Had Dr. Rosenthal examine a swelling on the eyelid, which occurred very quickly over the w/e. Meds sent to pharmacy, with instructions for the future. Always professional and concerned for patients conditions."
Jan 20th, 2016
by June Fay

Sep 2nd, 2015

"Dr. Rosenthal is a brilliant doctor and is one of the leading Ophthalmologists in the world. His expertise is second to none. On a professional level, Dr. Rosenthal uses state-of-the art technology, provides unparalleled individual attention to patients, and he is a warm, caring doctor and a kind human being. He has developed innovative eye surgery techniques and is consistently involved in clinical research to assure that his patients always have the best treatment available. Dr. Rosenthal pays attention to small details and is meticulous in all that he does. On a personal level, I would like to share my experience with Dr. Rosenthal. When I met Dr. Rosenthal I already had aggressive cataracts in both eyes and my vision was minimal at that point. Dr. Rosenthal performed a variety of tests using the latest technology to provide him with information to determine the best treatment for my eyes. I had congenital defects in both my eyes, so my cataract surgeries were quite complicated and required an expertise that most surgeons would not have possessed. Dr. Rosenthal often treats patients with serious eye problems who are referred to him by other doctors. He performed surgery on me with amazing results. Throughout the process, Dr. Rosenthal was there for me in every sense. He made sure that I knew he was available 24 hours a day 7 days a week if I needed to be seen or just to ask a question. It is rare that a doctor is available to that extent. At one point, Dr. Rosenthal had to go away to a conference out of the United States. But before he left, he assured me that if I needed to call that he would be available to speak even though he would be away. I doubt if I will ever encounter a doctor again who would do that. I am so very fortunate to have Dr. Rosenthal for my doctor and I recommend him unequivocally to anyone. He is simply the best! "
Apr 15th, 2015
by Sandy Lang

"Dr. Rosenthal is the best qualified Opthalmalogist in his field. He knows his work, knows his patients and gives everyone his total undivided attention. He is always available for an emergency and routine eye care. A true expert in the field of diabetes and eye disease. I trust my eyesight to Dr. Rosenthal. Dr. Rosental has raised the standard of care that all doctors should attain. The best. I have to say it again--the best. "
Feb 19th, 2014
by Norman Cohn

"I have nothing but good things to say about Dr. Rosenthal and the staff. My Mother had Eye surgery last year, and I was very impressive with the service this doctor provides. He came out on Christmas day to check my Mother eye after the surgery. He is caring, he listens, he explains what procedure needs to be done. Thank you Dr. Rosenthal for being there for my Mother. "
Jan 8th, 2014
by Ely

"What a great doctor this man is! He has been always there for us, patient, with gentleness and a personal caring - and extraordinary skill. He is modest and yet he works so hard to do a good job for you - and he succeeds. If everyone was as conscientious, bright, kind and humane as this man is, what a wonderful world this would be. He has helped 3 members of my family and we are all three indebted to him for having help save our sight. He invests in the best technology, uses the least invasive surgical techniques, I believe he does research, and he really, really cares what happens to each and every one of his patients. God bless this man. (He has a terrific office manager, a really great person, too.)"
Jul 24th, 2010
by Anonymous

"I consider myself very lucky to have been referred to Dr. Rosenthal by my Regular Eye Dr. Although I was considered a difficult case Dr. Rosenthal was always reassuring. He also made me feel that he was completely accessable to me. He gave the example that if you thought something was wrong you could call even if it was in the middle of the night. He explained that he would rather you Call and it's Nothing then you Don't Call and it's Something. Although I never intended to call I felt that I could call. At one point I did feel the need to call and not only did he call back but he felt he didn't want me to wait until the next day so he opened up the office on a Sunday at 10PM. For a period of time I needed to be seen once a week or once every two weeks. As you can see I spent alot of time with Dr. Rosenthal and I would Rec. him Very Highly. Also he is the only Dr. in his practice so when you call you don't have to worry about who you may be getting."
Jun 27th, 2010
by Linda Hesselbach

"Aside from being totally committed to treating his patients with state-of-the-art equipment and the most up-to-date clinical information, Dr. Rosenthal is easily accessible and more than willing to take the time to explain a diagnosis and treatment to his patients. He is continually recognized as one of best doctors in NY - an honor that he rightly deserves."
Jun 23rd, 2010
by LI Patient

"uses advanced technology, using minimally invasive cataract surgery. No need for bandage or eye patch following surgery, uses surgical technology available for only a few doctors who know the latest techniques. Kind, disciplined and attentive, as well as very skilled. Uses latest technology to examine the eyes in office visits: No drops are any longer used, instead uses a more accurate laser photo method to get a better look into the eye. Our other doctors told us he is excellent and he is."
Mar 16th, 2009
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