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5 stars 5

5 stars 5
I have complete confidence in Dr. Rosenthal and his staff and would highly recommend this practice to anyone needing either routine or complex eye care.

5 stars 5
I consider myself very lucky to have been referred to Dr. Rosenthal by my regular Eye Dr. I was considered a difficult case but Dr. Rosenthal was always reassuring and very accessible. I was very impressed by the way he put me at ease. He told me that he was my Dr. and that if I had any question that something wasn't OK I should call and speak to him even if it was in the middle of the night. He explained that he would rather I call him and it's Nothing than I Don't Call and it's Something. Although I never intended to call I felt that I could call. At one point I did have to call - he not only called me back but decided he did not want to wait until the next day to see me and opened up the office on a Sunday night a 10PM. For a period of time I needed to be seen once a week or once every two weeks so I spent alot of time with Dr. Rosenthal and I Recommend him Very Highly.

5 stars 5
Great doctor. Very accomplished, very warm and friendly and an excellent surgeon and eye specialist. I've recommended him to family and friends and they couldn't be happier with him.

5 stars 5
Dr. Kenneth J Rosenthal is a world leader in providing leading edge eye care and eye surgery. He provides individual and dedicated attention to every patient. It is no wonder that patients literally follow him from all parts of the world to seek out his advice and care and to have surgery performed by him.

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